blue collar proud show

Released June 22, 2016, Tyler discusses location and how it will either make or break a deal or business.

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author hour with rae williams

In this episode released in February 2018, Tyler speaks on how some people will attempt to take advantage of the tenant and what the person can do to prevent that from happening.

He also spoke about his book, Open For Business, which you can check out here.

To listen to the episode, check it out here.

5 minute success - the podcast

Released in April 2018, this episode discusses Tyler’s book, Open for Buisness, and also Tyler’s desire to always grow in his work and his business to be the best.

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roi podcast

In this episode Tyler talks about his A-team and who he trusts and with whom he surrounds himself.

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startup garage live

In this podcast, Tyler discusses his book, Open For Business, and also discusses the five questions to consider before you start a business.

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Instant Impact with elyse archer

This episode of Instant Impact Tyler discusses his strategy to building his following and his influence in every day events and meetings and how to stand out from the rest of the pack.

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sell my business podcast

When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you don’t take proper care of the situation. In this episode, Tyler discusses those mistakes commonly made in a CRE deal, and how they can be avoided.

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Southern rogue

In this episode, Tyler talks with Susan Pogue about his business and the future of Nashville.

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In this Forbes article written in December 2017, Tyler’s Instagram (@commercial_in_nashville) was highlighted as one of the best in the country for Commercial Real Estate brokers.

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Nashville post

Tyler has a handful of articles about him in the Nashville Post, ranging from topics such as his nomination for the NELA Awards 2019, our property at 1100 Old Hickory Blvd., our property in the Nations, our property at 1077 E. Trinity Lane and our property that used to be Ellendale’s in Donelson.

Fox 17 nashville

This article written by Fox 17 Nashville gives insight on taxes in Nashville and Tyler gives insight on the CRE market with these taxes.

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meet the creators

The article focuses on social media and how Tyler uses his to capitalize on his business. The article highlights what he does right and how he stands out compared to other CRE brokers here in Nashville

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Travis drive

In this article, The Nashville Post discusses one of our newest properties we are currently renovating. Read the article here and if you’re interested in the property, click here.

4303 Gallatin Pike

Reported by The Nashville Post (read here), The Cauble Group sold this commercial condo in 44 days from listing to close, proving the high demand for more affordable commercial space in East Nashville. Check out the property here.

Bad Axe Heads to pie town

At approximately 9,000 square feet, Bad Axe Throwing will be Nashville’s largest axe throwing venue. The Nashville Post reported the story of the venue headed to 648 Fogg Street.

Open For Business: The Insider’s Guide to Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Tyler’s book is out and available for purchase. Take a look at it here.


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